Friday, January 4, 2013

Back to the routine

I never truly appreciate how important my regular routine is...until it is interrupted.  The holidays always seem to hit me hard, what with school vacations and all the activities, it seems like an entire month that I can not really get in the rhythm of things. 

It's nothing specific, we don't really do huge things for the holidays, but it is a million little things, some of which don't even make sense.  I am one of those people who likes to sleep, and Hubby tries to let me sleep in whenever he can, so around the holidays, especially when I don't need to wake up to see our son off to school, I get to laze around in bed and get up when I feel like it...which normally means lunch time.  Granted, I tend to stay up later too, but it just seems like the later I sleep in, the less I get done in a day (which is absolutely horrid for me because I am so NOT a morning person!).

And I think I need to develop more selfish tendencies, because when the boys are home (both the older and younger one hehe), I end up timing my day around them instead of just doing the things I want/need to do.  So things like exercise and meditation get pushed around and sometimes neglected.  I think a part of my brain is just wired to 'serve' mode, and if there are other people here, I tend to rotate towards them...and I need to really work on making sure I am taking the time I need.

Luckily, things tend to quiet down after the first of the year.  Son goes back to school, Hubby's work stops doing weird holiday closings (which leaves him home for longer stretches), there is no big influx of things to buy (which of course brings on money stresses)...and things can return to normal.

Many years ago, I stumbled across this spell online, sadly I don't remember where I found it.  It is called the "Back to the Routine" spell, and it is charming.  Here is what I have written down:

"After the winter holidays you may wish to consider your routines.  They're the brick and mortar of life, the things you do on a daily basis.  For a spell to encourage you to get back into your routine, you need a white candle and a plain ring.  Hold the ring, imagining an ordinary day.  Light the candle and say:

Day in and day out;  laugh, cry, whisper, shout
This is what I do;  show me now what is true.

Meditate on what routine means to you and how they improve your magical practice.  Blow out the candle and wear/carry the ring.  During the day, think about what routines you appreciate and which you want to change/give up.  Honor routines for giving your life some necessary structure."

What I think really works here is not only looking at what routines give your life, but also what routines might need improvement.  It is a chance to stop, reflect and change things in your life.  Routines are great tools, they may be hard to get into, but once they are set they follow their own momentum.