Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Everyday Magic: Whats in your Wallet (or Purse!)?

A lot of times, when we think about magic, we think about lofty spiritual goals or very goal-oriented "I need a thing" type of workings.  We think about beautiful tools, elaborate or simple rituals, and setting aside time to 'be magical'.

But there are a ton of things we do everyday, that can either be enchanted to bring things we want in our life, or to repel things we don't want, or they can become triggers to remind us to take specific actions.  The great thing about this kind of everyday magic is it uses things we have on us or around us every day, things that we interact with in our regular, daily life.

Today, I'm going to focus on stuff you carry around with you when you leave the house:  stuff that goes in your wallet, pockets or purse (or whatever bag you might cart about with you).  Some stuff is things that pretty much everyone has, and some stuff might be new to you.  So take a trip with me, into my purse...and lets see what magic we can dig up!

First I'm going to mention keys.  They are something we all use, in a variety of forms, and almost always something you take with you when you go places.  But I've already done a whole blog post dedicated to keys!  So, I'll add that link right here:  Keys and invite you to check it out.

I will talk about key rings though.  Most of us put our keys on something...whether it is just a simple split ring, or something more elaborate.  I personally have a leather loop on mine, that I can hook them onto my belt or to a strap.  I also often have a D-ring on my bags that can be used to hold my keys.  I tend to loose things that aren't attached to me, so making sure my keys are hooked onto something makes me feel more secure.  Whether you have an attachment on your keys or not, your keyring is a great thing to enchant with the intent that they stay with you.  If you want to be really thorough, you can also add a charm or secondary trigger that if they do happen to be misplaced that they will find their way back to you (and you can use this charm as a symbol to focus on if you loose them so that you can figure out where they went to).

Speaking of charms, that is a great way to add any kind of spell you want to your keys.  Think about all of the times a day you use your imagine if every time you used your keys, you saw the charm and said a prayer, sent energy towards your goal, or said an affirmation.  That is a LOT of reinforcement, and comes with a handy reminder to do it!  Make the charm something that stands out from your keys and something that reminds you of your goal.  When you add it to your keyring, set your intentions and decide what you are going to do every time you see the charm.  If you happen to forget, don't fret!  Just do your action when you remember that you forgot to do it.

My keyring also houses a small collection of store membership cards (grocery, bookstore, office supplies, gas, department).  You know, those little cards they scan to give you discounts or what have you.  I prefer to have mine on my keyring, but you might have the card ones in your wallet.  Each little card has the potential to be blessed in order to help whichever area of your life it pertains to.  Consider the gas station card:  why not empower it to keep your car from running out of gas (of course you will still have to stop and buy gas...but we have all had times where we needed a little bit of extra luck finding a gas station with good prices, or making it to the next station on a long trip).  Bless your grocery card so that you can find the foods you want to purchase for a price you are willing to pay (and so they are in stock when you need them!)  Just think about what you buy at the stores you are using your card for, and then think about either what you want when you go there or what you don't want.  So the office supply card I might charge with the goal of never needing to have emergency computer work done.

Many of the cards in your wallet can follow the same concept:  bless your insurance cards to keep you in good health, bless your driver's license to keep you safe on the road (or off police radar *grin), bless your credit/bank cards to always have money in them.  In fact, if you are like me, you probably get credit card applications in the mail from time to time.  If you need more money in your life, why not fill them out, and do a ritual to seek more abundance in your life (you can then burn the application, put it in your wallet to encourage the money to come there or keep it in your altar for further blessing).  Or, if you already have a lot of debt, why not use those fake cards that get sent with the application to absorb some of your debt..then destroy them!

It is my custom to always keep some kind of money in my wallet.  This is an old Chinese tradition:  empty wallet leads to scarce money.  Even if it's only a penny tucked somewhere, I never spend my last coin.  I also make sure that any extra wallets/purses always have a penny tucked somewhere in them too....don't want to be holding on to empty money traps!  If you want to know more about coin symbology, check out my other post on Coins

Most wallets have little slots for cards.  This is a great place to tuck any spells or paper charms you want to always have with you.  If you have symbols of protection, safe travel, prosperity or anything else you want, tuck them behind your cards or in those hidden slots.  Remember to recharge them from time to time (when you clean out or organize your wallet is a great time....otherwise you can recharge them once a month, using the moon phases to remind you!)

We almost always take our phone with us too nowadays.  Many of us have phone cases, which are another great place to slip in a little paper charm or spell.  You can set your wallpaper or lock screen to an inspirational message or picture that fits the season or a goal you are working on.  I've used my lock screen as a reminder to take a breath, say an affirmation (I've written them right on the lock screen picture) or even just to smile. 

There are tons of apps you can add to your phone that can be useful when your on the go.  Add some meditation tracks of spiritual music to listen to on your commute.  Play a mindfulness app when waiting in line.  Check in with a tarot or divination app when you need a bit of guidance.  Use a zen game to bring you back into your calm mind when life gets you frazzled.

One neat thing to do is to add blessings or protections in your phone address book.  You can add them as notes under people's names.  Or you can set their picture to a symbol or picture of what you want (this is especially good for people who call you a lot...when they call you, their picture pops up and reminds you of what you want to send or block).  If you don't want it to be obvious to people who might look at your phone, write out your spell longhand before you add it, then drop all the vowels and write it out as just a string of consonants.

I keep a paper calendar in my purse.  Calendars are great places to set intentions for upcoming events.  If you have a doctors visit you are particularly worried about, when you add it to your calendar, bless the notation.  Think about the news you want to receive and send that intention into the calendar.  You can anoint the date with an oil and add symbols to enhance the effect, or write the appointment in a special color.  Calendars are great for setting reminders for other things too.  I am highly time oblivious, so I like to mark things down like moon phases, Sabbats, Holidays, planned rituals....anything that I have coming up really.  I also like to leave myself reminders of prep-work.  If I know I want to do a big ritual on Saturday, I might leave a note on Friday to check and see if I have everything I need all gathered up.  If I am writing my ritual out ahead of time, I may make a note even earlier in the week to work on the ritual writing.  If you are like me (and often forget to do things), you may like to do a ritual with your whole calendar, blessing it to help you keep on track and to remember to check it.

I always have a pen in my purse as well, and I like to have the kind that screws apart.  You can easily slip papers into the pen (and still have it function) to bless anything you write.  This is especially great if you write a lot of checks, but also I often use my pen to sign receipts or other documents.  Since the signature is a major identifier for many people, consider blessing your pen to protect your identity (you can also bless your id, your wallet or any of your cards for this).  Or, you can bless your pen to draw wealth to you (bless the ink to be a magnet for wealth, so even as you are spending your money, you are drawing new money back to you).  If you tend to write yourself a lot of notes or journal on the go, bless your pen for inspiration!

I also like to carry wetwipes in my purse.  Mostly for purely practical reasons (sometimes you just need to clean something!), but I think they have a lot of magical potential as well.  Definitely, if I am going to set up a little ritual somewhere on the go, I would like to be able to clean the stuff I'm using.  The wipes let me cleanse myself as well, washing my hands.  In a pinch, they make a nice little disposable white altar cloth (or white paper to wrap a bundle in...)  I definitely use them for getting rid of unwanted energy or a situation that is trying to stick to me.

I also carry dental floss...again, partially for it's intended purpose, but also because it is waxed cordage.  The stuff is amazingly strong and easy to work with, comes with it's own cutter, and I get the mint kind, which for me is cleansing and uplifting.  I use knotwork a lot, so having string of some kind is pretty mandatory for me.  I will use knots to bind a working (not just for binding, but to symbolize the finalization of any work).  Things can be tied together to bring their properties into union.  You can 'draw' a symbol with the string as a focus for a ritual (and then use the floss to make a bundle with your ingredients if you want to carry it with you).  You can make temporary (or permanent...I've used floss to make beaded necklaces before) jewelry by stringing on found objects, or just tie an appropriate amount of knots and then wear it on your wrist as a reminder.

Chewing gum is another great medium for spellwork.  Again, it can be used to bind things together, and the wrapper can be used to make bundles or to draw symbols on.  It can also be used as a focus, you set your intention before you pop it in your mouth, and then reinforce your intention as you chew.  If you have something you want to be rid of, find something to symbolize it (you can always write out what you want rid of on the wrapper, or smoosh the foil into a basic effigy), then chew the gum, thinking about softening up your problem, and finally encase your symbol in the gum, surrounding it entirely and then toss it in the trash.

Well, I hope I've given you a few ideas about how you can use the things you have on you all the time, the things you use every day, to bring more magic into your life!  Take a look through your own wallet, purse or pockets and challenge yourself to find new ways to use them in your path!  Just because something has a mundane purpose, doesn't mean it can't also be a powerful magical tool!

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