Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Luck Magic

When we talk about luck magic, certain things come to mind:  four leaf clovers, horseshoes, wishing on a star.  And yet, when you really think about it, all magic is luck magic! 

What is luck?  Luck is when things line up in your favor, when a random occurrence turns out for the best, or conversely, when everything seems to go wrong.  And these are the things we use magic to effect.  We want to nudge the odds, so that things aren't quite so random, so that more of the balls fall in our court than against us, and so that the things that we want to

If you think of luck as someone picking your name out of a bag, under normal circumstances, you have equal chances as everyone else.  If there are 10 names in the bag, you have a one in 10 chance that it will be your name that is pulled.  But we alter our luck all the time!

Most things in life aren't truly equal.  If the example above was a job opening, then the different people have different qualities:  their papers might feel different in the bag.  If one of the people has been championed by multiple people already working their, they may have multiple pieces of paper in the bag.

To me, this is what luck magic is:  changing the odds into our favor.  It's also what we do every time we do magic.  Whether we are sending our attention to particular aspects, which may make our name shine more....or just giving attention to the goal (putting more names in the draw), when we work magic, we are making our desired outcome more likely.

Many 101 books remind people that no matter how powerful a spell you cast, you still have to do the work.  You have to put your name in the bag.  You can cast a hundred job spells, but if you don't put any applications in, there is nothing for your spell to enhance.  I'm not saying it's impossible....there is always that one in a million chance that some random series of things will let your dream job fall into your lap...but really, do we want to work that hard?

If you think of your spellwork and your actions as working in tandem, the idea is to stack the deck as much in your favor as you can.  You want as many cards in the deck to have your name on them, and you want those cards to stand out.  You go out and do the work, both mundane and physical, in order to create the odds you desire. 

I've often thought of myself as lucky.  I am good at winning contests, and I have been since I was a child.  I still am.  But I also enter a TON of giveaways.  And the ones I really want, I think about, a lot.  I send my energy towards them.  I think about what it would feel like to have them.  I visualize myself with them.  I figure out how to share stuff on Instagram (seriously, everything nowadays requires Instagram....and it confuses me no end!)

I definitely don't win everything I put my name into.  Not even close.  But I also try to be mindful about what I enter, so I'm not spreading my energy about.  I think about whether or not the things I'm after are really things I want (or if they might be better for someone else).  That way, when I do commit myself, I can do it fully.

I think all of magic works this way.  The more we invest ourselves into our magic, the more powerful it is.  The same spell can have a very different effect, depending on who is casting it and why.  One person blowing out a candle can make a wish and change their life.  While another person can't wish their way into a new pair of shoes.  Because the first person has a deep, emotional need, while the other person has an idle want.

To me, this is why luck magic, why wishing, why spell work of all kinds works:  because we believe in it.  You have to accept the power of magic, of the mind, otherwise you are just thinking thoughts.  If you pick up a four leaf clover, and think, "Oh, it's my lucky day!" then you are putting yourself in a place where you are expecting good things to happen.  If, on the other hand, you think, "Pft, who believes in luck anyways, it's all a bunch of nonsense, you just watch, I bet nothing good happens to me," then you're actively ignoring all that could be happening to you.

The crazy thing is, both those people could have the exact same day...but depending on your outlook, it will change how you experience it.  The person looking for luck, will see every good thing as a blessing.  They will look for the good in the bad things that happens to them, and they will be happy.  The person who is wanting to prove luck doesn't exist will watch for every thing that could be twisted into a negative experience.  They will ignore the good stuff, especially anything that is small scale, and at the end of the day will grumpily feel justified in declaring that luck is fake.

But it's like a pond, with your outlook being the stone that ripples outward.  When you are in a good mood, when you are looking for good things, you act as if everything is possible.  You reach out to people, and you are open to new things.  This changes how your life unfolds.  This is isn't just random things that happen, it isn't whether the penny falls heads or tails, it's what you do when you catch the penny.

They say luck is what you make of it, but I say you make your own luck.  Spell work is deliberate changing of our luck.  It is choosing which threads go into the weave instead of taking whatever we happen to find.  It is deciding what we want to cook, finding a recipe, gathering ingredients and following the steps (including waiting while it simmers!), and not just eating whatever is in the cupboard.  This is the way we create the life we want to live!  And the more adept you get at culling your luck, the better and smoother the journey is...because you are at the steering wheel instead of being dragged along behind wild horses!

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